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XB2 Banner

Tension Banner stands are the ideal solution if you want style in the system as well as the graphic. The tension banner stands are easy to erect and very portable. This Tension Banner is a simply yet effective design for indoor exhibitions.

XB3 Banner

Successful advertising will depend on obtaining particulars of the product or service in front of prospective clients in a different eye-catching way. And also whether or not at displays, festivals, road shows, press conferences, trade shows, fairs or inside your own showroom, you’ll need a method to present your items to their very best benefit. That’s where the banner stand can be purchased in. The banner ad stand can be a modern tool developed to optimize the convenience and effectiveness of endorsing your goods.

Hi-Flyer banner

Reach for the sky with this very tall and flaxable indoor banner stand with a water fillable base for stability.
Quality Banner stands

So many people I meet at networking events have acquired a pull up banner stand to promote their business. They use them at their own events and exhibitions too and they’re often missing a trick in making this highly visual marketing aid deliver potential leads.

Let’s take a look at the logistics of how a banner – or any exhibition stand – works.

1. It needs to grab the attention of the people who are passing by or in the vicinity. A logo or company name doesn’t do this. Actually most people are not interested in the name of your company first and foremost, they want to know what they can get. Bland headlines don’t work ‘Perfect payrolls’ isn’t enough ‘Payroll is boring’ is much more likely to get people interested. Yes, one of my clients has used this one!

2. It needs a small amount of text – and that needs to be loaded with benefits. In other words it needs to tell people ‘what’s in it for me’, not just what is nice to have. Three or four bullet points should be more than enough.

3. The contact details – web address, email, phone number – need to be at least half way up. Remember that there are people about and not only are we less inclined to look down at the bottom, but when there are people in the way you can’t see anything that low down.

4. It needs some visual imagery to give it energy, but nothing overpowering and mostly situated in the bottom third to half as it’s less important if people don’t immediately see this. Banner stands are there to get attention and get a conversation going – not to tell people everything you want them to know about your business. Less is definitely more!

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