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Multimedia display stand solutions For Exhibition display stands and Global Advertising

Digital Signage solutions is the most favoured means of advertising as it transfers real time information to a target group of consumers. This information can be in the form of data, images, animations, videos or multimedia content. Various types of display devices such as kiosks, plasma TV stands, and media stands can be used for displaying content. The greatest advantage of this technology is the increased return on investment as it only involves a one-time cost as opposed to the static medium like large format print of advertising which has high costs associated with updating content. Due to this flexibility in updating content, this technology is also referred to as Dynamic Digital Signage Solutions.

Among the numerous benefits associated with this technology, the most common ones are real time information transfer from anywhere in the world, revenue generation by targeting specific locales and customers, influencing customer behaviour, creating brand awareness, enhancing customer experience, consistency of cost and lower cost of production. Using this technology, information can be distributed to the servers and relayed over a network via TCP/IP protocols to the media stands.

Used by industries as well as retail chains, this state of the art technology utilizes a network of display tv stands which can be customized and controlled electronically. It is a confluence of hardware devices and a digital signage software solution. However, one needs to be aware of the network and bandwidth in order to successfully deploy this multimedia solution which should have the ability to accommodate future growth. Compatible with all file formats such as HTML, Video files, Flash files, QuickTime, Microsoft office and JPG, these solutions are available in both stand alone stands as well as customized formats. Easy to set up, manage and update, these software solutions are designed with either a single user or multi user interfaces.

Used globally, these out of home advertising stands are being used in airports, bus terminals, hospitals, entertainment facilities, Exhibition stands, Events, Conferences, financial institutions, educational institutions, supermarkets, government sectors etc. Since it has the capability of transferring high resolution images instantly while maintain security across the digital signage networks, this technology is growing in popularity worldwide.

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