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AV 22" Screen Stand Display
AV 22" Screen Stand Display

ADF1/ Ipad 2 Kiosk - iPad Display stand

The curved support frame gives this floor standing iPad kiosk unit an appealing presence. The graphic can be mounted in the lower curved area, below the black or white acrylic fascia that holds the iPad 2 at a convenient height for a standing adult. Ideal for information points, interactive showroom applications and on exhibition stands.

Black or white acrylic fascia presents the iPad (customised versions can mount other tablets such as the Motorola Xoom) at a convenient angle and height for interactive use. The angle is not adjustable in this design - see the standard Lectern mounted for an adjustable angle. The fascia can present the tablet in portrait or landscape.

You can choose to conceal or reveal the "Home" button on the front face, and to conceal or reveal the side connections and buttons (power and volume controls). Although the unit is a great height for interactive usage, the unit attracts attention and it is possible to have non-interactive display purposes, such as looped advertising or promotional offers.

Our painted aluminium uprights screw quickly and easily into the aluminium base. We've chosen an automobile paint for the stand, to make it quick, easy and inexpensive to touch up scuffs and scratches - part of our approach to design to maximise the value of your purchase. Slots in the uprights allow mounting graphical display card (330mm x 1020mm). We can arrange to have the curved graphical card printed as a custom feature if you don't have a supplier.

Aluminium base provides a solid foundation for the display, and the curve is best angled so that the iPad is directly above the centre of the base, to give maximum stability. The stand is very secure ensuring your iPad is securely held in place by key locks and frames that are not quickly disassembled for access to the iPad.

Standard iPad Options:

  • Black or White Acrylic iPadFascia
  • Concealed or revealed iPd "Home" button
  • Concealed or revealed iPad side buttons
We supply units in kit form as standard; we can also install them for you, if you wish. iPad Kits are supplied in re-usable shipping cartons with velcro ties.

The display is 16.8 kg (about 37 lbs) and with the re-usable shipping packaging has a total weight of 20.6kg (about 45lbs).


Customisation Options

We can make customised tablet stands for displays other than the iPad 2. With the volume shortage of iPad 2's, we've been asked for original iPad, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy mounts - they're all possible. Ask us about your specific display needs.

We supply the unit with a curved graphic panel, and printed from artwork supplied.

The iPad height can be customised, though this may create some compromises with the standard curved extrusion - talk to our designers to find out what's possible for special uses.

We can add features such as trolley bumpers for high traffic areas, and literature dispensers for point of sale and informational uses.

This is one of our range of modular display stands, so it can be included as part of a display with more conventional AV products and literature shelving and graphic mounts.

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