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AV 22" Screen Stand Display

ADF2/ Ipad 2 Display stand - iPad Display stand

Floor standing with two aluminium thin profile supports on each side and a top frame bar, total height is 1.901m (74.8 inches - 6 foot 2.8 inches) and the iPad mount puts the centre of the iPad at 2.508m (59.4 inches - just a half inch under five feet). This presents the vertically mounted iPad at eye level for most US and European standing adults - we can customise the stand for other heights, such as for primarily wheelchair users, children, and shorter or taller average adult heights.

When ordering, please tell us:
• Landscape or Portrait display orientation?
• Black or White acrylic fascia?
• "Home" button concealed or revealed?

The aluminium frame is painted in a steely grey using automotive paint - which makes it easy to cover scuffs and scrapes. Assembly requires a screwdriver; if you want it pre-assembled, we can do that, but it tends to increase shipping costs.

All stands are radio friendly and allow WiFi and 3G access (where there is sufficient signal strength already).

Floor stand is made of textured aluminium, as a cambered foot, with a shaped slot for the uprights and fascia, 560 mm wide (22 inches) and 420mm (16.5 inches) front to back. Four floor pads. one at each corner of the base, allow for easier moving.

Our fascia is offered in white or black acrylic - but we do have another model with a Dibond fascia. Other colours can be made as a custom order. The fascia supports the iPad2, and can conceal or reveal the ipad "Home" button. The SIM card slot is covered, but the power supply/USB connector is exposed to access. This stand design exposes the Volume controls on the side of the iPad, and the headphone socket on the other edge.

The fascia measures 420x1820mm, offering a 400mm by 1810 mm (15.7 by 71.3 inch) viewable area for graphics around the iPad display stand opening.

The tablet fascia is mounted to the pillar with an inconveniently long screw - to slow down and deter thieves - and the cover has a iPad lockable clasp, so the display stand can be used in customer accessible areas. The stand is very secure ensuring your iPad is securely held in place by key locks and frames that are not quickly disassembled for access to the iPad2.

We do make custom tablet stands - at present we don't have a standard design offering trolley bumpers, multiple tablets (such as a double sided or four-headed stand)... but we can design one for your needs at a surprisingly low cost!

You must supply the iPad and any display software that you need. We are building a library of applications and usage, so do ask one of our consultants if you need some help picking something suitable.

The stand weighs 22.3kg, and is usually delivered as an easily-assembled kit in packaging weighing 4.3kg - total shipping weight of 26.6kg (58.6 pounds).

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