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AV 22" Screen Stand Display

ADF3/ Ipad Kiosk - iPad Display stand

An eye catching vertical acrylic sheet with an angled iPad 2 mounted landscape or portrait format at waist height - when you want to make an impact, this is the unit.

Two aluminium side supports are capable of taking the supplied acrylic panel or a graphic insert. The iPad fascia is mounted in an angled support frame, and is intended to be of a height for a standing adult to find convenientfor the iPad.

Choice of black or white acrylic panel and fascia. Choice of whether to conceal or reveal the iPad "Home" button, and to conceal or reveal the iPad Power and Volume Controls. Potential custom variations are to change the height for children, seated users or to remove the lower acrylic panel. The stand is very secure ensuring your iPad is securely held in place by key locks and frames that are not quickly disassembled for access to the iPad.

The unit is mounted on a cambered aluminium base with a foot pad at each corner.

Side and frame supports are painted grey with an automotive paint for easy touch up of scuffs and scrapes, to prolong the useful effective life.

Supplied in robust re-usable packaging with velcro straps so you can easily move these units around.

Net Weight of Kit 8.0 Kg, Total Packaging Weight 4.3 Kg TOTAL WEIGHT: 12.3 Kg

WE DO NOT PROVIDE THE IPAD. You must order and install your own iPad 2 in this unit.

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