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AV 22" Screen Stand Display

ADF4/ Cheap Ipad stand - iPad Display stand

This iPad stand is available for the Apple iPad and iPad 2 and can be customised for other tablets including Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Xoom. This elegant floor standing unit puts an interactive tablet right under the hands of a standing adult. A choice of either a white or black acrylic fascia is available although other colours are available as a bespoke version.
(Please note that delivery times for customised products will be longer than the standard option products, which is 7-10 working days.)

We think this tablet stand is especially suited to information points in retail environments such as showrooms, trade shows and for exhibition stands, though we have clients who consider this a good choice as an information stand for foyers and concourses.

** Please state at time of order whether you want a landscape or portrait orientation and whether you want the Power and Volume Controls Accessible or Inaccessible.

Installation: the kit is easy to assemble in a matter of minutes. We can provide the stand as a kit. The stand kit is supplied in durable re-usable packaging complete with Velcro straps so you can take down and re-assemble this unit wherever you need it.

The stand is very secure ensuring your iPad/tablet is securely held in place by key locks and frames that are not quickly disassembled.

Common customisation choices are:

•Select a different tablet - especially important when large quantities are involved, as you may not be able to source adequate supplies of Apple iPad 2s for larger projects; that's how the Motorola Xoom became a standard choice for this unit!

•A different acrylic colour for the fascia - a relatively expensive choice for one-off custom orders, but more economic at larger volumes

•Higher or shorter upright - the standard version is optimised for European and US adults, but it can be shortened for children or wheelchair users, for example.

Customisation typically takes a couple of days for us to produce drawings for approval, and delivery cycles are between a few days and few weeks, depending on whether we need to have custom mouldings or tooling’s for your specific needs. Just drop us a sketch of call one of our helpful staff who'll guide you to the most suitable design or customisations for your needs.

We do not sell, include or provide any tablets - you must order tablets and any software for them, separately. Tablets shown in images are for illustrative purposes only. We do not sell, deliver or service the Apple iPad, iPad 2 or the Motorola Xoom.

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