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ADW1/ Ipad 2 Wall display - iPad Wall Mounts

A tall wall mounted tablet display stands (can be customised for other tablets, including the original iPad) presenting the tablet at eye level for a standing adult. This model is more suitable for non-interactive purposes, such as informational and directional signage, advertising and promotional uses.

The long black or white acrylic fascia mounts an iPad 2 vertically, in Landscape or Portrait presentation, at a level suitable for a standing adult. The tablets' "Home" button can be concealed or revealed. Unlike the floor standing models, this unit does not offer any option to conceal or reveal the side buttons - this unit is too flush to the wall to allow that access. The unit is held to the wall by four pillars, with mounting feet for screws, about 100mm tall. The stand is very secure ensuring your iPad is securely held in place by key locks and frames that are not quickly disassembled for access to the iPad.

Acrylic fascia is held in a painted aluminium frame to protect the edges of the acrylic and provide strength and wall mounting points. All stands are radio friendly and allow WiFi and 3G access (where there is sufficient signal strength already).

Available now for the Apple iPad or iPad 2. Ask about adaptation or customisation for Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Kindle Fire, etc. We do NOT sell, stock or supply tablet computers or applications for them - we're a designer and manufacturer of customisable modular display stands for use inside buildings.

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